Buying Time


“So what was the craziest thing you’ve done lately?” His question was straight out of a movie or so I felt. “Nothing man” I said in a rather grumpy tone. It had become my standard answer for almost every question outside of work or family related questions. It had been around 4 years since my work life started. I became one of the 9 to 6 crowd whose life was limited to Home-Office-Home and home meant…bed.

“Ok sometime in the past you must have” he asked again hinting at my sexcapades if any, or so I guessed.

It was rather weird to answer since Nariman point, where me and my friend were seated was the starting point from where me and my ex went on a ‘rampage’. Couples making out at Nariman point wasn’t a very unusual sight as it was the only public place that offered some private moments. I brushed aside my friend’s question but not before it triggered off the entire episode in my mind that occurred when I was a freshman in college.

Me and Kenisha watching over the sea at Nariman point while the sun had just set. For a hopeless romantic like me, my first love was the end all and be all and with an evening like this, life seemed to be a fairy tale. One thing led to the other and like most other couples our hands too went around each other. I was a bit conscious and kept looking around every few seconds just to notice that nobody cared! Every time I looked up, she pulled me down by my hair. The feeling that the girl is bolder than you do is a bigger turn for any guy.

I pulled her closer with my right hand while tried reaching for her boobs by the other. She held it midway and looked up. Her eyes clearly wore the expression if we could really find someplace else. I cursed myself for not having brought my car that particular day. I looked behind and saw a Cool Cab. We hired it and continued with our romp in the backseat. That was when the best thing came along, as our tongues collided and twirled inside each other. My hands frisked the inside of her tees as I felt her smooth D sized boobs while her hand dug into my jeans.

The driver was clearly distracted and drove roughly on purpose breaking the rhythm if I may call it. That didn’t go down well with me and I told him we aren’t in a hurry and he could take it slow. I saw his eyes in the rear view mirror glaring at me. I was in no mood to argue and asked him straight how much extra would he charge to give us some privacy. He slowed down and demanded 200 more than what the meter shows. In sheer desperation I said “Fine! Just cut around to the end of the road”, which was a seemingly quiet place.

“I can’t believe you did that!” said Kenisha visibly amused and surprised. Being a shy guy otherwise I’d surprised myself too. The driver left saying “Only 20 minutes!” like 10 bucks per minute was the standard rate.

We didn’t have much time. It was me, Kenisha and an unlikely place that added even more zing to that moment. We both knew we couldn’t go third base as this was all impromptu and I wasn’t carrying rubber. Nevertheless, there were a few nervous giggles from both of us as it was our first. I pulled the shirt up her back while nibbling her neck and ears much to her amusement.

She sat on my lap with her boobs right in front of my face. I pulled off her bra as she tucked my face in to her boobs. We dry humped for a few minutes before she came to my side. We kissed as she slipped her hand in my pants and started to wank me. The touch of her smooth delicate palm around my dick was more pleasurable than the number of times I’d jerked off fantasizing random women. I did the same as my hand trailed inside her and I began rubbing her clit.

Our kisses grew more intense as our bodies charged up. I felt the currents flow through my body and I knew I would climax anytime. I began to pull away from her focusing only on her palm moving up and down my dick vigorously…and in few seconds I did with a long gasp as I moved forward with head bent, with my hand still inside of her. There was a pause as I needed to regain control before I got back to her. I started to rub her with much more vigor. Her moans were muffled as I kissed her hard and squeezed her boobs simultaneously and she orgasmed soon after.

I sat there reclined as I saw her still breathing heavily before she turned towards me and we had another long passionate kiss.

“This evening turned out to be quite a surprise eh”…I said.

She smiled saying, “Women love surprises and adventure ya and btw you did well for a first timer I must say”.

“Well….I don’t want to let go of you so soon” I said.

“You’ll have to, you know the 20 minute deadline your friend has set”, she chuckled.

Just when this whole event was rolling in front of my eyes, my friend exclaimed, “Dude! What made you go into this sudden silence”.

“Oh..nothing, I just”, I replied like being awakened from my sleep.

“Well well well…we can always talk about this later”, he laughed. “As of now, it’s getting late. See ya tomorrow in the office”.

“Sure, it wasn’t anything interesting though, ciao”, I replied though in my heart it was one of the most interesting memories of my college life.

“I know, some things are interesting enough only to be kept to oneself eh”, he winked.

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Be it Indian or NRI Parents…

I am neither a fan of arranged marriage nor am I very enthusiastic or pro love marriage. Also, I am not racist or communal. I believe to each his own but not at the cost of hurting anybody. I certainly feel one must be in the correct frame of mind when he/she intends to get married. Living by “I don’t care what the world says” or “Love is blind” or “Devil may care” doesn’t always sound romantic or rebellious. It could be spectacularly stupid too. In the long run it could hurt you as these decisions seem more like an impulsive action than a well thought of plan regarding life, marriage and career etc.

The reason this topic cropped up in my mind is what I heard about the daughter of one of my dad’s closest friends who is now based in the UK. Apparently, he is also the regional head of a Hindu organization that looks over Hindu festivals and other community functions in their part of UK. Apparently, this daughter of his, whom I wouldn’t call a friend by far or even an acquaintance since I’ve met her barely three times if I can recall in the past twenty years, got married to a Nigerian chap. From what I learn, this hasn’t gone down well with her parents who have supposedly maintained their(rather my) culture very well over the years and brought their daughter up with the same values….at least they must’ve tried and assumed so.

To add to this, they were not just disapproving of that guy but also shunned their own daughter’s wedding. From what I assume, they must be under some feeling of embarrassment, disgust and anger but it’s too late. To make things worse, the girl was pregnant even before she got married, rather her being pregnant must’ve been the reason to get married. But so what? Having said all that, I feel parents always deserve some level of respect which this girl perhaps couldn’t give them. These aren’t thoughts emanating out of some archaic sense of culture but how can one just think of them not being that important enough so as to seek their blessings and permission for such an important step?

Above all, fitting into another culture especially the one you know nothing about isn’t that easy irrespective of how globalized one is. Imagine how a British Indian brought up with Indian values cum Western psyche would gel with a traditional Nigerian fellow?!! In India as we say it seems to be a  case of ”Ram milai Jodi”. Children need to know the mental anguish their parents would have to go through. Also, this brings to light the fact that NRI parents too more or less carry a similar mindset that parents here in India do. I can only imagine their plight and may be even face saving attempts that they would have to go through for some time now. Perhaps they would be even worried about the sort of example their daughter set in front of her siblings.

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Happy New Year Movie Review

After spending 22 years in the film industry and having ruled the box office for the same period, one would expect better from a megastar like Shah Rukh Khan. HNY, does not measure up to his onscreen as well as off screen image by far. Every actor, be it a debutante or an established superstar does goof up at some point of time throughout his/her career but one would expect SRK to have better judgment. This isn’t what an SRK fan would expect after waiting for over a year. HNY neither adds anything to SRK nor is it something he should be too proud of when this movie figures in his filmography. After delivering a series of excellent performances in movies such as MNIK, Chak De, Swades and many others one would wonder as to why would SRK go for a no brainer like HNY.

The screenplay is poor and the movie is rather sluggish in the first half. The only saving grace is the second half of the movie where you seem to get some hold over the story and the music by Vishal Shekhar. Also, SRK’s onscreen charisma works just as every time but it would be wise if he doesn’t bank on it too much and for too long. Looking his age isn’t much of an issue as much as his choice of movies we’ve seen off late.

Farah Khan needs to come out of this masala movie genre. Being a choreographer she is bound to be inclined towards making song and dance films but otherwise it wouldn’t be harmful for her to try a different style now that she is 5 films old. Also, Abhishek and Deepika’s performances are to look out for.  Young Vivaan too is hard to miss as he performs his character convincingly, living up to being Naseeruddin Shah’s son. Boman Irani is his usual self as regards his perfect comic sense of timing. Sonu Sood delivers what he is supposed to i.e a tailor made role and up to the mark.

As for the rest of it, the movie is sadly below average on the whole. Jokes don’t seem to be jokes rather they seem to be there because the dialogue writers thought they would perhaps sound like a joke. It’s time SRK comes up with a movie that appeals to his global audience and does justice to his acting capabilities which have sadly been utilized by the filmmakers for a long time.

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