Look with Respect or just Look Away

Like all other men, I do look at women except that there has been a change in perspective. May be because I’ve changed from a boy to a man and perhaps become more responsible. It did take long but it did happen, maturity came a bit late but it did. Without trying to justify anything or paint my own gender negatively but, there are times or age when most men are wired this way that their heads rotate like a surveillance camera and eyes work like a scanner when they see at a pretty chick or ‘maal’ walking down the street. The worst part is even the woman knows she is under someone’s scanner  and she can see it from the corner of her eye. All she does is ignore and walk away because if she has to retort to it then she’ll have to do that with ‘n’ number of men throughout the day. Few men realize there is more than what meets the eye when they are ogling a lady.

She has a nice sculpted figure, looks all decked up with formal clothing and make up. Please do not be under the impression that she is doing all this to grab eyeballs, to impress her boss, or steal your attention. She is doing it only for herself. Her nice figure isn’t something that she tries to emulate looking at a model. Her physique is just a byproduct of her daily work out which she does to maintain stamina and energy to help her sustain long hours of work. Her make up or formal clothing is not to pretend or exhibit to anybody that she is ahead or more sophisticated than you or her other female counterparts. She does it just to be with the times, because her corporate culture demands it. May be she is doing it just to feel good about herself, to fit into the kind of society and friend circle she belongs to or just because she wants to be that way. May be behind the eyeliner she is trying to hide a night full of tears about her break up or some other pain she has gone through.

Behind her attitude she is just avoiding the wrong guys and trying keeping them away from her. You may not be aware, but may be she has self esteem issues and your gaze isn’t going to help her in anyway. Your gaze doesn’t make her feel shy, it pricks her heart in many ways. All she needs are your comforting words and not flirty one liners to make her feel better. She looks all fiery, lively and passionate about work and you think her boldness could mean she is ‘open’? No. She looks after her husband her child and is just trying to match up to the challenges that perhaps her male boss has thrown at her. Looking at her in any way other than respectfully is insinuating her position in society. May be she is fighting her own battle, both at home and her workplace, may be even on the streets. I pray that someday you, you who looks at her in any other way, look down upon yourself. Look with respect keeping in mind the story behind every woman’s life. Look with respect or just learn to look away….

Dedicated to all the women I’ve known…..Happy International Women’s Day.

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